.....Among the latest "jewels" born in the house Tech4sea, "Rodon 100", an underwater cordless electric drill. As explained by its makers, the instrument may be employed in jobs that require the use of an underwater drill: holes in immersion, coring operations for the removal of material samples, assembly of the submerged parts, expansion screws of underwater structures so allow the anchoring of boats and ships, as an aid to recovery and rescue operations in shipwrecks or boats. "Rodon 100" will be presented in June at the "Seawork International 2016", in Southampton, UK (available for pre-order, sales will start from September). A real "investment" for young people from Calabria, and for the future of a land, in need of the work of the new generational classes to flourish. Moreover, it claimed Benjamin Disraeli writer, the secret of success lies in the consistency with which he pursues an aim.